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Program Fees


2020 Fees:*

Rookies 6-8 ($115.00 CAD)
Minors 9-10 ($175.00 CAD)
Majors 11-12 ($175.00 CAD)
Intermediate & Junior 13-14 ($225.00 CAD)

Assistance Programs

Assistance Programs for kids activities


Canadian Tire Jumpstart

How to Register

Ideally you can register and pay online for the 2020 Season.  Click here to go to our Sports Engine registration page

OR if having concerns about doing so:

Submit a paper Registration Package by downloading, printing and completing the required forms & fee payment. 

Once done, contact for further instructions in submitting.


RLL is dedicated to welcoming every youth in Richmond who wants to play baseball. No child should not play baseball simply because a family cannot make the financial commitment. We are pleased to offer financial assistance to those families who wish to enroll their child in baseball, but are facing financial difficulties, through first organizations such as KidSport or Canadian Jump Start, but failing that, through our partner sponsors.


Why Do Your Registration Fees Seem So Much Lower Than Other Leagues?

The initial RLL idea was borne from a FREE program called �Just Play Ball� made available to all boys and girls in 2015 / 2016 by one of our sponsors. Upon receiving it�s own charter though, RLL felt that their registration rates should be reflective of others in the area. However, with a lack of registration numbers to begin the 2019 season, the decision was made to get back to it�s original intentions of making the sport as affordable for as many children as possible. And thus we�ve decided to reduce the rates for at least the 2019 and 2020 seasons in order to raise awareness of the opportunity being provided in the �5C AREA� of Richmond. We�ll achieve this without sacrificing anything in the way of equipment, professional training, etc that has been made available by sponsors and partners.

Who Can Play In RLL?

We welcome all children between the ages of 6 and 14 during the season who live or attend school within the RLL boundaries.... With permission, and rather than being left out of participation, other players may be welcome as well under limited play. (All - Stars ineligibility, etc)

What Is Richmond Little League?

Richmond Little League (RLL) is a volunteer-run non-profit baseball league for boys and girls ages 6-14. Children are placed on teams of about 8 children for Rookie Ball and 12 for Minors and above and are given the opportunity to develop and practice baseball skills and play games either amongst themselves or interlocking with those communities close by our Rmd area.

Where Is RLL?

RLL�s home field is King George Park, at the corner of #5 & Cambie in Richmond.

When Does The League Play?

Little League SPRING season officially opens mid-April and closes mid-June in most communities. However as RLL is in it�s formative years, we�ve made the decision to push our start dates back into May for the younger ages to allow the weather to get better along with our field conditions. With that, we�ll likely push the end dates into mid July. Depending on the interest at Minors and Majors, we�ll look to do the same here in our formative years, with the goal being to get in the Min # of games required to qualify for SUMMER ALL-STAR play for those interested.

What Equipment Does My Child Need?

RLL provides players with uniforms and baseball bats to use during games. Children will need a batting helmet, glove (leather, not vinyl � you can find a good, affordable selection at most sports stores) and a jock or a jill (athletic support). Baseball cleats are not mandatory, but are strongly recommended for Minors and Majors and Juniors. Note that soccer cleats cannot be used for safety reasons.

When Are Practices And Games?

Little League baseball is a team sport and so a player�s schedule will vary. Teams play a predetermined schedule of games which will be on the web site as games come available. Each team coach organizes their own practice schedules. If a child cannot regularly make games or practices due to other regular commitments, where possible before the season starts, please advise your Coach or Cord of that situation. That�s not to say that we don�t invite those playing other Spring sports to at least consider playing baseball as an alternative form of cross training.

How Often Will I Have A Game?

Rookies play 1-2 games per week. Minors and Majors and Juniors play 2-3 games per week depending on numbers and player availability throughout the week.

How Often Are Practices?

Rookies will hold 1-2 practices per week, with one of them being with one of the most sought after coaches in the Lower Mainland. (This would be at a small additional charge as it is subsidized by our sponsors). Minors and Majors and Juniors will hold 2 practices per week and will have the same opportunity for professional coaching at a reduced rate.

Are All-Stars Or Selects Tournaments Included With My Registration?

A player must have played regular season with RLL and meet all age and residency requirements. Players who are selected for All-Stars or Selects will be charged an additional fee to be determined during the season.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Additional details on our age divisions is on our Divisions page. You can email info@richmondlittleleague for any further clarifications.

Is There Any Road Games?

Providing we can get at least 24 Rookies signed up, we�ll play against RLL teams during the season. Failing that, we may possibly look into games with SVLL Rookies just up the hill. Minors and Majors participate in home and away interlock games with Hastings, Trout Lake, Richmond, and New Westminster Little Leagues. Langley Major B is a possible option if parents are interested. Juniors will not be offered for the 2019 Season.

Are Tournaments Included With My Registration?

Tournaments with other leagues are at no additional fee to players, except for All-Stars and Selects. Participation in any tournaments would be dependant on parent / player interest along with available tournament spots.